The forty chapters which make up British Voices are set out below. Each explores a different theme in a different part of the UK.

1 Immigration, Integration and Diversity in London, Essex and Suffolk (click here to read this chapter)

2 Crime, Social Unrest and Attitudes Towards the State in London

3 Social Media and Social Class in London

4 Identity and Nostalgia in London and Sussex

5 Migration in London

6 The British Drinking Culture in Exeter and Bideford

7 Euroscepticism in Appledore

8 Religion in North Devon and South Wales

9 Changing Communities in Milford Haven and Llanelli

10 Decline in Swansea, Cardiff and the WelshValleys

11 Role Models, Networks and Education in Malvern and Woodmancote

12 Multicultural Communities in Wolverhampton and Burton

13 Young People and Urban Life in Sheffield

14 National Identity and Values in Sheffield

15 Obesity, Depression and Decline in Rotherham

16 Scottish Independence and Identity in Edinburgh, Dumfries and Aberdeen

17 Money, Industry and Tradition in Shetland

18 Isolation and Community in Northern Scotland

19 Physical and Online Communities in Skye

20 Free Speech and Football in Glasgow

21 Fatalism in Glasgow

22 Sectarian Division in Belfast

23 Politics and Friendship in Belfast

24 The Economy and the Farming Industry in Armagh and Newry

25 Wealth and Class Separation in Hillsborough

26 Sectarianism, Class and Britishness in Belfast

27 Moving On from the Past in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry

28 Wealth, Inequality and Class in the North-East

29 Tradition, Charity and Commitment to the Armed Forces in York

30 Ethical Dilemmas, the Media and the Past in York and Leeds

31 Cultural Institutions and Nostalgia in Carlisle and Blackpool

32 Body Image, Self-esteem and Celebrity in Thornton and Manchester

33 Community Division, Government Investment and the UK’s Future in Rochdale

34 Money, Expectations and Public Sector Cuts in Liverpool and Rhyl

35 Young People and the Rise of New Economies in Bangor

36 Language, Heritage and Identity in Porthmadog

37 Attitudes to Politics and the Environment in Newtown and Welshpool

38 Attitudes to Change in Nottingham and Birmingham

39 Consumerism in Birmingham

40 The Future in Coventry and Oxford

41 The End of the Journey in Slough

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